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Croft Farm House Original BBQ SauceFor Over 15 years Derrell Croft has been satisfying the tastebuds of local BBQ lovers with his creation, Croft Farm House BBQ Sauces. It started in North Carolina as a gift to family and friends in pint sized jars until one day a lady in Dunnellon Florida told Derrell, " Its about time you stop giving this stuff away"

Next Derrell began selling their sauces made from the kitchen at flea markets. The demand became greater and greater, "more folks kept ordering and we kept making more".

After moving back to Dunnellon and continued encouragement, Derrell created Croft Farm House BBQ Sauce. With the assistance of Prima Foods, an Ocala Florida based company that specializes in creating all kinds of sauces created by locals.

The first product he placed in production was the Original recipe. Next was the Hot version, then one basted in Bourbon. The final addition was a Mustard based South Carolina style sauce.

Croft Farm House sauces have been spread on more than just BBQ. Other food items such as cheese sticks, tuna and even cocktail sauce.

Croft Farm House can be purchased in many different locations.